Nagah are were-serpents. To the vast majority of garou they are an extinct species, which is just fine for the Serpents.

They of all the breeds are one of the few that continue to uphold the sacred task given to them. They are the judges and executioners of Gaia. Created to take down those who have fallen to the Wyrm and to hunt out corruption wherever it may dwell. The gifts of the Serpent folk make them very capable of this task and they work hard to perform it. Sadly they know the task is to great for them to keep up with though they still work hard to uphold it.

There venom is empowered so it can drop even a healthy werewolf in his tracks. They tend to be disspasionate about thier task taking alot of the attitudes of their serpent natures. They are for the most part merciless killers who once they have the proof they need they act swiflty and with terrible purpose. Its easy to see why many other shifters feared them knowing that they would have no kin ties or pack ties to hold thier fangs in check from delivering Gaias justice. Few ever know the serpent is there and that a nagah has been tracking them, finding thier sins and dont know it until they feel massive serpent fangs sinking deep into thier flesh and the cold agony as the venom races through thier bodies paralizing and killing them in mear seconds. They will likely hear as they die the cold soft voice of the Nagah telling them what they did wrong and blessing thier spirit so that it will be cleanded off its evil so that it may be reborn pure once more in the next incarnation.

More then one wyrm corrupted shifter has been found dead in the morning bloated and rotten form the serpents justice with no clue on how they really died as the serpents seem able to “heal” the bites afterwards so no sign remains as to what delivered the killing strike. Even the Black Spirals speak of the Shadow that Strikes in low voices so that hopefully their body is not the next one to be found with not mark, but very, very dead.

” may your soul find peace in the next life , may this death cleanse you of the evil you have worught and the suffering you have caused, may your agony apease the souls of those you have harmed with your evil so that they may know peace,and may my venom burn the evil from you so that in the next life you may serve the Mother as you were intended once more pure and clean of coruption” Nagah ritual prayer for the convicted.


The Dying of the Light tanthas