1- Garou Shall Not Mate with Garou * The biggest reason for this is that children born from such unions are always deformed in body and or mind as well as being infertile. It is a mark of shame upon both of the parents to create a metis child. It should be noted that by definition same sex relationships also fall under this littany and are forbidden. The other reason is that in order to create bonds with thier kinfolk they must not turn to each other for physical comfort amd relationships.

2- Combat the Wyrm Wherever It Dwells and Whenever It Breeds * Pretty self explainatory in that This in essence states the primary purpose the garou exist, this is the least argued littany for all the tribes.

3- Respect the Territory of Another * Intended to help prevent warfare between tribes and septs , sadly this law is at times ignored or restranslated to best serve the desires of that tribe. Its basicly ment to mean be polite and courtious when within anothers home.

4- Accept an Honorable Surrender * This law is intended to prevent the death of honorable opponents, it is considered very cowardly by most tribes to slay a foe who has surrendered. Most tribes though only extend this to those who are honorable and not of the Wyrm. IE killing the surrendering Black Spiral is probably not get much more then at most a hand slap if that.

5-The First Share of the Kill for the Greatest of Station * This law comes more from the wolf side of garou nature then any other. Its intent is that in wolf society the Alpha must be at kept to thier finest health and thus get the first choice of the kill. This is by some translated to mean that the leader gets first pick of captured loot as well.

6-Submission to Those of Higher Station * This law is important to maintaining order and a chain of command. Those who have earned higher rank are expected to recieve the respect they have earned.

7-Respect for Those beneath Ye – All Are of Gaia * This law is at times overlooked but serves the purpose to keep the garou from suffering from over inflated pride. As the saying goes the worm eats the tiger. Gaia never intended the Garou to rule as kings of her children despite what some werewolves might want to beleive. This also applies to those of lower rank.

8-Ye Shall Not Eat the Flesh of Humans * This is a very basic rule, to commit canibalism is one of the greatest crimes of spirit one can commit and opens a doorway to the shifters soul that the wyrm can enter. This also applies to not eating the flesh of wolves. The Red Talons are infamous for the breaking of this littany.

9-The Veil Shall Not Be Lifted * The veil is what hides the garou from the eyes of humanity. Humanity must not know the garou exist lest they turn in mass to hunt them as monsters. A war of this type would surely grant victory to wyrm. This means not acting is such ways that show humanity that werewolves exist.

10-Do Not Suffer Thy People to Tend Thy Sickness * This law to some is outdated. It is supposed to reference not only to the elderly but those to badly wounded to carry themselves. In reference to the elderly it was intended to prevent vital resources being used to aid one who gave nothing back to the sept or pack. This is likely for most septs to be the least enforced of all the Littanies. Though it can be thought to refer to not making you pack carry your wieght when your capable of doing it yourself.

11- The Leader May Be Challenged at Any Time during Peace * Leaders can make mistakes and can even fall to the wyrm, it is the duty of the follower to prevent stupidity and to point out vital mistakes, it is also the duty of the follower to stop insanity and or other dangerous practices of thier leader and to even challenge them if needed. The reference to peace time is to prevent the breakdown of the leadership in the middle of a battle.

12- *The Leader May Not Be Challenged during Wartime During battle is the worst time to not obey your leader and is not the time to challenge his decisions as there may be facts that are not known to the follower that make the decision look stupid when in the larger picture it makes perfect sense, challenging on the battlefield can lead to a breakdown of the unity of the pack or sept as well as breaking morale. Now it should be said that if someone truly believes the leader has been compromised or is going to cost lives out of ignorance or imcompetance then they may act, though they better be ready to defend thier decision to the elders afterwards.

*13-Ye Shall Take No Action That Causes a Caern to Be Violated * This law is another like #2 in that is is a very basic law that is part of the core of what werewolves duty. Cairns are the lifeblood of Gaia and are vital to her survival. To allow harm to come to one is the same as striking at Gaia herself, now tribe tolerates breaking of this littany and enforce it brutaly.


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