Archibald "Dr. Parker" Xiang Jiao

Hippy Computer Nerd


Height: 5’8” Weight: 186 Hair: Red Dreadlocks w/ Blue beads Eyes: Green Skin: Light Brown Nature: Headonist(Spiritual) Demeanor:Visionary(Environmental) Age: 24 Breed: Homid Auspice: Thurge Tribe: Glass Walkers Rank: 2 (Glory 1, Honor 0, Wisdom 5) Rage:4 Gnosis:5 Willpower:4

Str:2 Cha:3 Percep:5 (Details; Touch) Dex:3 Manip:4(Haggling) Int:4 (Lateral Problem Solving) Stam:2 Appear:2 Wits:3

Alertness:2 Animal Ken:2 Computer:3 Athletics:1 Crafts:3 Enigmas:2 Brawl:2 Drive:1 Law:1 Dodge:1 Melee:3 Medivine:1 Emathy:3 Perform:(Guitar) 1 Occult:2 Primal Urge:2 Stealth:2 Rituals:3 Streetwise:1 Survival:3 Science:(Chemistry):2 Instruction:1 Swiming:1 Herbalism:2 Search:1

Backgrounds: Contacts:2 Computer Parts outlet manager Californian Hippy Craftswoman Fetish:3 Clensing Strap: (L1) Gnosis 4 A leather strap that cleans Air, water, and earth that is passes though it. Is 5” in diamiter but can be constricted to 2. If placed over a pipe will still work. Mirrored Cell Phone cover: (L1) Gnosis 5 Can use the gauntlet of anywhere I call instead of the current gauntlet lowering the difficulty by 2 – Costs 1 gnosis. Kauka’s Keychain (L1) Gnosis 5 This two part keychain seperates from an anchor and can be tossed away easily, but will reappear together if they are seperated by more than 50 yards. Resources:2 (1200/mth) This is an exchange for herbal goods and services. Rites: 4

Gifts L1-Master of Fire L1-Spirit Speech L1-Control Simple Machine L1-Diagnostics L1-Sense Wyrm L2-Cyber Senses L1-Mother’s Touch L2-Jam Tech L2-Command Spirits L2-Power Surge

Merits: (3)Calm Heart: +2 to Frenzy Diff (1)Comp Apptitude: -2 Diff to dealing with computers

Flaws: (1)Compultion: Fix things (environment) (2)Weak Willed: Only spend willpower -For Survival -Appropriate to auspice -Nature (3)Forced Transformation: Lupus when Frenzy (1)Does Drugs: Mary Jane (2 per week) or LSD (1 per month) or loose 1 Die to all mental rolls


Born the youngest of 4 children Archibald was well taken care of even with his 1/2 Chinese, 1/2 Jamaican heritage. The Gaia’s Sun and Moon Commune was in southern Cali, and boasted nearly 20 families. He was passed around, taught the many different skills and trades they used to make a living but really excelled when he was working with his hands. He learned to honor Gaia, honor the spirits, and with a steady hand roll up mind altering substances. He took to the less legal side of the commune like a fish to water. From growing, to selling, to keeping records on the computers he had scavanged from junk yards up and down the California coast and as far inland as Mormon country, Archibald became known as “Dr. Parker” because Mary Jane was never far away. Back before the Garou schizim he learned the basics of what it means to love Gaia, and when his first change came around it was less blood curdling rampage and more janga induced coma.

Archibald "Dr. Parker" Xiang Jiao

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