Ian Von Bibelsburg

Stage Magician


Strength 1 Charisma 5 (Captivating) Perception 3 Dex 5 Manipulation 5 Intelligence 3 Stamina 1 Appearance 2 Wits 3

Alertness 2 Crafts 3 Computer 2 Athletics 3 Drive 1 Investigation 2 Expression 2 Firearms 1 Linguistics 1 Primal-Urge 2 Performance 4 (Improvisation) Medicine 3 Subterfuge 4 (Innocent and Needy) Stealth 2 Science 2

Other Skills: Disguise 2, Escape Artistry 5 (Magic Tricks), Hypnotism 2 Backgrounds: Familiar Spirit 5 (Fox), Spirit Heritage 5 (Fox), Resources 3, Contacts 1 Gifts: Persuasion, Beast Speech, Scent of Running Water, Distractions, Seduction, Sense Wyrm, Open Seal Rage 4 Gnosis 4 Willpower 4

Merits : Metamorph 6, Family Support 1, Lucky 4, Spirit Magnet 2 Flaws : Phobia 2 (Clowns), Nightmares 1, Enemy 2 (Grandfather who is a Black Spiral)


Ian grew up on the run. His mother, a Black Spiral kinfolk named Simone Von Bibelsburg, escaped the horrific nightmares of a Black Spiral hive in Romania, only moments after Ian’s birth. Upon taking his first look into the world, Ian glimpsed deranged visions of the depths of depravity that his Black Spiral family had in store for him, images that still haunt him in his dreams. Ian has a deep seated fear of clowns, which he cannot explain. Although he has many fantastic tales of what could be the cause, he is overall uncertain of their origin. Victor Von Bibelsburg, Simone’s father and Ian’s grandfather, grew furious at his daughter’s willfulness and set out to track down his grandson in an attempt to bring them back into the fold. Victor’s intentions changed in an encounter that ended with an 18 year old Ian shoving his grandfather’s favorite breeder/packmate into the path of an oncoming subway in New York City. Since then, Victor’s search has still been to recover his grandson, but for a far worse fate than previously designed. Ian traveled the world with his mother in tow for years before finally coming to the attention of the Garou people.

Ian’s first change happened in a dark movie theater at age 20. Halfway through the movie “The Prestige”, Ian became so overwhelmed with awe and raw emotion that the beast overtook him. Although nobody was injured, a sizable amount of damage was done to the theater and Ian and Simone were forced to move again out of fear of being discovered.

Since the age of 21, Ian’s constant movement from town to town brought him into contact with many performers and street hustlers. From them, Ian was able to gleen various illicit skills which he turned into a profitable magic act. Simone acts as an offstage assistant for his magic act, but other than this interaction they have lead separate lives since his change.

Ian met Kani Sin Yami at a tween birthday party that Ian performed for. Like most spirits, Kani Sin Yami was attracted to Ian’s Fox-like appearance in the Umbra. Because of Ian’s spiritual heritage, Kani Sin Yami treats him as a little brother. Kani Sin Yami taught Ian everything he knows about spirits, and it is Kani Sin Yami that taught Ian all of his gifts.

At the age of 23, Ian met a talent agent named Steve Edinton, who helped him to book shows and showed him the basics of business. Through Steve, Ian was able to get small roles in movies as a special effects adviser to actors taking roles as escape artists and magicians, as well as a few bit parts in a few movies and television series. Ian’s skills with slight of hand and story telling have gotten him rather impressive gigs in places such as Vegas, while still remaining somewhat low profile.

Ian Von Bibelsburg is currently 25, having been born on April 29, 1985. He stands at 5’6’ and weighs 135 pounds. Ian is trying to find a tribe that is worth being part of, and constantly tries to prove himself worth having.

Ian Von Bibelsburg

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