Werewolves, a much misunderstood and badly represented race. Hollywood has placed into the common person the image of the werewolf as a dangerous monster, something cursed who is dangerous and must be killed with silver by the hero. They are very far from the truth, though there are fragments of the myth that holds true at times. They were created to be the gaurdians and weapons to defend mother Gaia but are flawed.

The last century has been hard for them as the enemy has truly arose and the war is fully engaged. They are fractured at a time when they should be united and these wounds to the Garou may very well spell thier demise and when they fall so does the world. mankind remains ignorant as a whole to the defence and blood the werewolves shed to keep the corruption at bay, many serve the wrym without ever knowing the harm they cause, or not caring. Many assume that nature will heal and that what they do is not overall that bad. Some though know fully what they do and dont care, they only see the immediate rewards and not the big picture. A few even know what will happen and as long as they survive who cares, they take the stance its better to rule in hell then serve in heaven.

The last decade has seen terrible events that are tearing the garou nation apart. 10 years ago the garou felt hope bloom as a great Silver Pack returned from a spirit quest with a great artifact known as the Phoenix Gate. To explain the revelance of this we must look farther back.

To the human world a great tragedy would strike on the morning of the 10th of may 2000. A terrorist attack on a scale never before dreamed off would strike deeply. few realized the spiritual side or what the true purpose of the attack was. This would be as the garou would know the first true opening shot of the Final War with the Wyrm. AS the people of LA would go about thier early morning commmutes unknown to them a terrorist had gained control of a nuclear warhead and had smuggled it into LA. A Silver Fang Ragabash had been following a spiritual corruption and had seen visions of the attack, he reached the van as it was parked in traffic and as he wrenched the door off its hinges the world exploded as he was to late, he used great gifts to survive ignoring death itself and managing to escape with a small piece of the weapon itself. The bomb devestated LA and threatened to spread its poison across California. A great wasteland of corruption opened in spririt reflection and began to rapidly grow. The garou reacted swiftly using the shard from the weapon to create a barrier to stop the wyrm from entering the world and to stop the death from spreading. A shining figure of light was seen in the ruins of the city and many believed it was a archangel of God, this is partialy true…

Phoenix called upon a pack to seek a great ancient artifact called the Phoenix gate which held the power to heal the rift and seal the wyrm away once more. This group of heroes arose to the occasion and set off on a epic quest into realms deep within the spirit realms , chased and attacked by a pack of sprial dancers who had been charged with thier own epic tasks to take the Gate for thier own masters use, the Dancer pack led by no less then the other packs own fallen brother. Depsite everything they faced and the terrible prices they paid as a pack including the loss of beloved pack members they succeded and returned triumphant with the artifact to use its power to heal the land of the taint and to drive the wyrm once more back into its Malfaes. Hope once more blossomed in the garous and their allies hearts and it seemed as if the war had turned finaly in thier favor.

Sadly though this was only a momentary event and soon just as one pack can bring hope anothers actions would undermine all the sacrifices and work that had been done and plunge the garou naiton to the very edge of civil war. This pack would be tasked with the finding and restoral of ancient spirit gates that led to other realms where allies could be found and brouagh home. these allies were the descendants of those who had when the last age ended used the spirit gates to flee what they thought was a lost war. In the millenia that passed since thier ancestors had abanded Earth they had forged thier own culture and history.

Supernatural beings walk openly among mankind and other races, in some cases they rule as gods and demand worship , in others they act as guardians and watchers. The pack managed to reach this realm and despite several serious mistakes the pack alpha get of Fenris Crimson Fang managed to create an alliance with the native shapeshifters who agreed to mobilize and plan a return when it would be needed the most in essence acting as a reserve guard. However the pack upon returning would lose control of the gate and it would end up buried under a tens of thousands of tons of rock. straw for the Wendigo. They would decide to withdraw from the garou nation along with the Red Talons and Uktena to form a separate werewolf nation calling themselves the Pure Lands Alliance in reference to the old name of the Americas as the Pure Lands. A mostly cold war began between the Alliance and the Garou nation as they began to demand the return of ancestral cairns and that the thieves who had stolen them leave. A few small cairns were surrendered as the septs did not have the strength to resist. Some violence did occur though open warfare has so far been avoided as neither sides elders want to make that step yet.

Events would occur attributed to one of this pack that would prove to be the final

This pack continued in their trend of mistake after mistake. The alpha showed great promise but in truth his leadership abilities were called into question many times. He was offered chances to leave the pack to join a better pack but he refused to give up on his pack and took whatever punishments for their failures on himself and then delt with the troublemakers himself. A bad point would be reached when the greatest failure of the pack Ricardo ( a silent strider metis) carried unknowingly carried a powerful explosive device into the great cairn of Yellowstone where the council of elders the leadership of the American garou led from and where Albrecht and Golgo Fangs First led the nation from. Luckily the elders were not present as they were at a moot to discuss other events when the silver loaded bomb ripped through the sleeping areas of the cairn. Sadly dozens of kin and several werewolves were not so lucky and were killed by the blast while others were badly injured including a visiting Fiana hero who had his arm ripped of by the silver shrapnel so badly even a werewolves healing magic could not heal. Crimson Fang in turn ripped off Ricardos arm as punishment. He thought at that point things were taken care off and moved on, not knowing that this punishment seemed to have pushed Ricardo off he edge and he became so full of hatred and spite that he would turn not only on his alpha but on the garou nation and Gaia. When they discovered a second gateway they traveled with another senior pack to secure this gate so that they could reach their allies. Ricardo would deceive his pack and made an alliance with one of the great enemies of the Garou and especially of the Get of Fenris. This ancient and vastly powerful vampire had been hunting his alphas bloodline for centuries and had killed scores of his kin. Ricardo allied fully with this vampire not caring if it compromised one of the greatest hopes of the garou or that his own pack would suffer, the only thing he cared for was revenge on his alpha. The vampire would tear through both packs and the entire mission would result in failure because of Ricardos actions. Ricardo was killed during soon later by a powerful ally mage, though his pack did not suspect or know the true level of depravity and evil that their packmate had sunk to. Only soon after would the truth come out and it would shock all who learned of it. A great trial was convened led by no less then a tribunal and great elders. Albrecht himself along sides with Fangs First and Memphis Faster then Death would oversee the post mortem trial of Ricardo who would be found guilty of breaking 12 of the 13 litanies as well as being a Traitor to Gaia and to the Garou. His name would be stripped from the records and known as the Traitor.

Sadly the tribe of the Striders would also end up bearing some of his punishment because of the great dishonor cast over them by Ricardo. Though not officially exiled ,many septs would begin to deny entry to Striders and some even would seek to kill them. The tribe now seeks to find a way to redeem their honor.

Also though mostly unnoticed but not unimportant , the enigmatic and mysterious tribe of the Stargazers would come under attack and when they asked for aid from the other garou, they could not come to their aid. The Stargazers saw this as abandonment and went to the eastern Beast Courts for help, they there found help and were able to save some of their home cairns. They then officially withdrew as a tribe from Garou and joined the Beast Courts. A few individual of this small tribe did stay with their septs out of loyalty to their packs.

The Wyrm seems to have gone quiet the last 2 years with attacks at a all time low. The Garou nation lies divided and shattered , many know that this is mearly the calm before the storm and work to reunite the garou. While great strides have been made to close the rifts between the garou and the other shifter breeds they still have a hard time getting past the centuries of distrust and bloodshed that lies between them.

It is a time when heroes are desperately needed as the garou face their darkest hour. Will heroes arise and reunite the nation to stand as one against the Wyrm or will the division tear them apart so the Wyrms victory is all but assured. This question has not been answered yet, but the answer will decide the fate of Gaia and everything living.

The Dying of the Light

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