Valkenburg Foundation

The Valkenburg Foundation was founded by a Garou who wished to help guide Lost Cubs ( those unfortuante to go through thier first change and not be found by either a fetch spirit or a nearby garou) Lost cubs often develop various insanities in order for their minds to try to cope with the changes and the longer they stay lost the deeper these denials and shifts in thier minds ability to cope occur, most will try to deny what they are, attempting to stay “normal” this end with the result that thier minds tear and even shatter under the stress of denying part of themselves, especialy Rage. A lost cub still has the gift and curse of Rage, but lacks the training and recognition that young cubs learn that allows them some semblance of control or constructive use of the power of thier rage. As they deny what they are and try to ignore Rage, it builds until it breaks free in almost always destructive ways, they then try to deny what happened and cover it up , the stress in return often fuels the rage, increasing its potency ( rage points) so it becomes even harder to hold back until they can become nothing but rage, these are often what the mythological werewolves are ( nothing but raging beast and as its hardest to control rage in the light of the full moon, then this time is the most likely for a rage consumed lost cub to become a frenzying monster)

So as more and more of thier world becomes undeniable they most often retreat farther and farther into thier own minds as they seek to deny whats happening, even to the point in some that they actualy create their own percieved versions of reality, some even embrace themselves as the monsters that myths and hollywood say werewolves are, and then become just that monster. Some accidently enter the spirit world and with no one to help them and no knowledge they find themselves in a world that seems insane to them, if they ever make it back there minds often are damaged by the journey. Off course another risk they face is being found by forces of the wyrm. Even being found by some of the Garou tribes may be dangerous to them as some tribes do not have the patience to attempt to heal them, but decide its better to just kill them off. Almost any way it goes though the common thread is that the lost cubs perception of that they are and the world will be fractured and likely vaslty incorrect.

So a young werewolf who changed himself late in life, had been trained as a phycologist before his change, decided that instead of confining them or in the more often case killing them, that the with the training of his field it might actualy be possible to help them recover thier sanity and rejoin Garou society. To this end he gathered the aid of fellow Chidren of Gaia and some Glasswalkers and built the first facility in Montana. His research would form the foundation that those who would follow him later would work from. While he himself did not make a lot of significant progress, and would die at the claws of one of his patients, those who followed afterwards would save several lost cubs, thanks to his pioneering work. His granddaughter who aslo became a Garou, would take up her grandfathers work and create the Valkenburg Foundation in her grandfathers name.

They however met disaster in the early 1990’s. Unknown to them a patient had brought in with him a powerful wyrm spirit that would start to corrupt other doctors and facility personel, over the next couple years it and others of its kind would commit attrocities upon the patients using the facility personal while they slept, unaware of the banes influence. A visiting pack would uncover the taint and were able to purge it , but many of the patients were left incredably scarred and most of the facility personel were killed or also left insane. The Foundation was forced to close its doors and the work was abandoned, the remaining patients were tranfered to a Glasswalker prison facility while the 2 tribes tried to decide what to do with them.

In 2003 , after recovering from her own madness that had been braugh about by the events, the grandaughter went before the Board of Directors of AI and apealed that they should revive the Foundation and work be renewed. Her heart felt speech and the support of one of the board members convicned the others that this would be well wihtin the designs and goals of AI and funding was made to renew the Foundation and its work. The Foundation would officialy be renewed in the spring of 2004, they were given a temporary facility to use until a full facility could be purchased.

In 2007 the land was purchased for the new Foundation research and holding facility neighboring the Serpent Mound park ( and still within the bawn of the Cairn of the Great Serpent). The building was started and completed within record time of 2 years. The official opening date and ceromony is slated for January 6 2010. Though the actual work has already started.

Current Staff of the Serpent Mound Foundation Facility

Valkenburg Foundation

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