Cairn of the Great Serpent

The cairn of the Great Serpent is an ancient and powerful cairn that until only 200 years ago belonged to the Uktena who had taken ownership of it from their dead brothers the Croatoan. The cairn has been holy ground not only to the Garou but to the native people of the region. To humanity the cairn is known as Serpent Mound. Like most things of this nature humanity only barly grasp the surface of the truth. The actual cairn covers more ground then what the park covers.

The Cairns history is a very long one stretching back far back into the mist of time. Exactly when its birth was is lost and some supsect it may even predate the garou themselves. The earliest Garou records are from the early days of settlement of the pure lands tribes as they followed their kin east. They discovered an immense Gaian Spirit slumbering and when they aproached the immense serpant spirit it told them that it was the primordial serpent and that it would serve Gaia as she ordered him to do. To enhance its touch on the physical world the garou were ordered to create a great effigy to Serpent to create a bridge for the spirits power and to keep the barrier between worlds gossamer thin. The 3 tribes would control this cairn jointly as none of them dared try to take solo command as it belonged to all Gaias children as per the orders of Serpent. When the War of Rage tore across the realm Serpent demanded a great boon and a oath from those who served at this cairn. They would take upun themselves a great task and secret, they cairn would be a refuge for Serpents children the Nagah ( were-serpents)and thier existence would be held secret from all others unless Serpent said otherwise, to enforce this all members who wished to draw from Serpent were bound by spririt bound oaths to protect this secret and to uphold this agreement.

While serpent slumbers as he does for the vast majority of the time the cairns power is still very impressive ( rank 5) but during times when Serpent stirs and even awakens the power of the cairn become legendary ( rank 6) due to the direct presence of an incarna level spirit. Every equinox serpent stirs in his slumber and at times even awakens to speak to those who serve him and Gaia, he also performs incredible miracles of healing during these times as long as the proper rites to request this is performed and the proper sacrifices are made.

In the physical world serpents slumbering form can be seen in what humans call an earthwork effigy, but in truth the effigy is a bleedtrhough into the physical world of Serpents true form. In the spirit world however Serpent can be fully seen as the immense serpent he is. Legends state that when the final times come that Serpent has a vital role to play in the last battle. Myths also speak that his venom carries inredible healing properties if he so wishes them as well as being the most lethal venom in creation capable of harming even the incarna themselves. Those who serve this cairn have a sacred and vital task to protect Serpemt from the forces of the Wyrm who fear Serpents Venom.

The pure lands tribes controlled and served Serpent for ages while their kin woshiped the spirit world on this very holy ground. Only when Croatoan fell and their kind began to be driven from Ohio did they begin to loose control of the cairn. When the eastern tribes began to move into the area following thier kin the 2 pure lands tribes prepared to fight to the death to keep control of the cairn, but Serpent awoke and told them thier must be no blood shed on this ground and that they must leave it to new caretakers. A few hotheads decided to ignore Serpents orders and were prepared to try to force the eastern garou to take it by force, but they vanished to never be seen again before they could act. The elders regretfully and with heavy hearts gave conrol over to the Silver Fang but required them to speak to Serpent. They agreed to Serpents request and swore themselves to his bans. With heavy hearts the native tribes withdrew and followed thier kin west.

The Silver Fang have remained in control of this mighty cairn and have upheld Serpents task untol the current day. However dark days loom ahead as the Pure Lands Alliance seek to recover what they see as their heritage from the usurpers.

The Cairn Leadership continues to uphold the secrets and task Serpent has given them and has no intention of turning control over unless Serpent or Albrecht orders them to do so.

Recent history

The Glasswalkers have made a major effort to help the cairn and the direct invovlment of the Valkenburg Foundation which is a subsidary of [[ Alliance Incorporated (AI)]] who has built a modern mental health research and care facility on the edge of the cairn and helped buy control of the local land that surrounds the cairn to provide a buffer for the cairn,, they also have used politcal pull to help keep the park funded and to keep curious eyes looking elseware.

Cairn of the Great Serpent

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