Alliance Incorporated (AI)

Alliance Incorporated is a Glasswalker owned mega corporation designed to take the fight against the wyrm to one of the same battelfiedls the wyrm was attacking, the corporate and political field ( often overlooked and ignored by more traditional garou who are used to fighting the wyrm as it has been faught for untold generations and not accepting that the world has changed and the rules of the war has also changed)

AI is composed of quite a few “smaller” companies and some are not common knowledge that they are actualy controlled and owned by AI. AI has specialized in the fields of corporate, political, social, economic and modern warfare. All to create a weapon to stand against Pentex.

AI overall is controlled by a council of Glasswalker elders who make the overall major decisions, they are mainly just known as the Board of Directors for those who know about the overall structure of the company ( many of the lower level employees and such have no knowledge of AI’s involvement or even its existance.

Below are some of the companies that are controlled and owned by AI.

The Valkenburg Foundation- Care for mental health , research into cures for mental disease, mental healthcare facilities. ( also serves to try to protect the insane from the wyrms influence as they are extremely vulnerable to banes and other wyrm spiritual attacks)

Chimera – Elite security force, creates and researches modern combat armor, weapons and vehicles, does contract work for the wealthy and for governments. Chimera Arms a subdivision of Chimera are considered some of the best combat gear money can buy, the company however does keep strict control of who is granted contracts ( though may allow a known or suspected wyrm force to hire or use thier equipment as a way to sabotage and or spy on those operations). For the the forces known to a few as Nightwatch they use supernatrual beings and incredibly advanced technology to make them incredible dangerous. Most Nightwatch agents are Glasswalkers or other shapeshifters that desire a new name and a way to fight the wyrm. One of thier head agents for instance is a 4rth ranked Swara ( Bastet cheetah).

Verdant Power and Oil- a major power company that is known for thier research into more efficient power generation and the eventual use of green power systems. With the recent oil price increases they have been gaining a stronger hold in the market as green power and oil alternatives are becoming more popular and needed. They do control several nuclear power plants that are some of the most effienct and clean in the world and are guarded by Chimera forces.

Genitech- Bio medical research company as well as pharmacutical manufacturer. They also do some work for the government into bio weapon research ( as well as some of their own research for the Board of Directors use) Alot of reserach and effort has been made to counter the addictive and corrupting effects of most of Pentex products that are often subtle but over time build until they twist the users. Some research has resulted in addicitve qualities that are more productive to Gaia and the garou. One of the result is a drug treatment that removes the effects of delirium ( kept secret for mainly use of security forces and Chimera so they dont freak when faced with a Dancer) They also have other enhancing drugs for combat and other aplications that are not “legal”.

Agricultural Transportation and Retail Corportation (ATRC)- Works with ways to provide food for man without doing as much damage to the environment and thus to Gaia. They also work to provide tranportation means that are not as pollutive and are more efficient. Through sub companies of ATRC they then own several different retail food stores that sell thier products which are checked carefully for wyrm taint. Some of Genitechs products have been introduced into the food to create positive nudges within the consumers that is helpful to Gaia. Some are such as additives that make the food more desireable and even create a craving for the healthy non tainted food. They also have been introduing additives that work on removing wyrm taint though so far with little measurable success.

Ares – They manufacture tools of war from hand held weapons to aircraft. They do seek to create weapons whose use will not be a spiritualy damaging to Gaia. AI takes the stance that mankind can not be made to not war upon itself so the better path it to arm them in such ways that they only harm each other not Gaia. They do slighlty overlap with Chimera Arms, but they focus more on basic level of gear that the everyday soldier or law enforement agent will use while Chimera Arms works with top end very expensive equipment that only elite forces can afford for use. For instance the Ares MKIV combat rifle ( M16) cost around 1200 dollars and is seen used by American forces as well as some allied nations, while the Chimeras CSAS rifle ( Chimera Sniper Attack System) cost near 15000 but includes the highest precision barrel possible, long range computer assisted scopes ( basicaly a fire control system for the rifle) and a smartlink set that links into the Chimera Combat Armor (CCA system). Ares does also have a civilain line for civilian legal gear from thier military line ( like an AR version M16) to hunting euqipment. Ares slots in as high quality gear ( basicly would be like Colt, Ruger and Springfield arms level). Ares Aeronautical Division (AAD) is very similar in scope to Lockheed in the real world.

Victor and Davids Law firm- major law firm that plays a major role in the legal battlefied against Pentex and works to protect employees of AI that get targeted by Pentex through legal attacks. Specializes mainly in corporate law though has lawyers well versed in almost any field.

Orion Investments Agency ( ORA)- investment and banking company. They deal in stock trading, own several different banks, and act as investment advisors and managers. One example of a bank owned by ORA is Wells Fargo. They also act as a financial advisor and control much of AI’s invesetments and finances. They also serve as one of the major filters for AI’s unusual resource sources to bring them into the company in such a way to be seen as normal and legal.

Alliance Incorporated (AI)

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