Alexander Pertrikov


The warder is atypical of what is normaly the duty of an Ahrouhn. Alexander Petrikov is a Shadowlord homid born Ragabash who is often understimated. He is one of the most skilled and deadly masters of the combat form of Klaviskar. He has created several modifications of the base form, For one he learned and added elements of the samuriaa combat form and for the other he added the use of a fang dagger held in the off hand to deadly effect. He has been known to take students from time to time.

Overall he is a very social and friendly person who many find it easy to get along with. His networks of friends and spies make sure there is little that occurs near him or in an area of interest he does not know about. His skill at the blade as well as firearms and his own claws as well as his ability to find problems has made him well suited to seeing to the defence of the cairn.


Alexander Pertrikov

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