White Fang


In his human form he is a well dressed and neat 6 foot tall man with h andsome features, he keeps his pure white hair neatly pulled back in a pony tail, he keeps himself clean shaven. He radia tes authority in all his forms and has an aura of confidence. He often wears a gladius sword with a longer then normal hilt and carries a steel shielf decorated wiht the marks of his lineage and centered around a falcon.

His wolf form is a large silver furred artic wolf.


The Sept leader is a Elder (5th rank) Lupus born Silverfang known as WhiteFang ( garou name) or Luke Michaels ( human name). Now in his mid 50’s this Silver fang has exemplified the honor and prestige that is worthy of his ancient lineage. Songs are sung of his quest for the recovery of his ancestors klaive and shield , lost since the fall of Rome. His courage and leadership have braught honor to the tribe. He is of the Philodox Auspice and is known for both his fairness but firmness in the enforcement of the Litany. His record of leadership includes serving as assistant Sept leader of Yellowstone cairn under Albrecht, taking care of the day to day operations of this vital cairn.

His fighting style is an unique variant of the more commonly known Klaviskar , in that it utilizes a klaive designed off the Roman Gladius altered for the use of a werewolf and the use of a spirit reinforced shield.

White Fang

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